The Winter Release Expo by Friend of the Artist showcases the work of ten emerging artists from across the world who have an individual approach to art. Ranging from Texas to England, oil paint to textiles, abstraction to representation, the artists selected for this expo are vastly difference. Yet, a unifying principle between their is their dedication to explore their own individual formal and conceptual idea. Though the final work is different, each artist shares the same spirit of “making it new”.

Artists by Publication

Friend of the Artist publishes work from contemporary artists world wide. For each issue, artists are selected by an art panel or an individual curator. To see works from artists in each publication, check out their artist profiles for more work, artist information, and exclusive content. 

Fall 2017


Summer 2017


Kieran Riley Abbott
Patrick Brien
Ani Collier
Austin Furtak-Cole
Dara Engler
Philip Gerald
Juan Granados
Nicole Havekost
David Heo
Gabrielle Jones
Katie Kameen
Mya Kerner
Gemma Lopez
Lara Nasser
Esteban Pulido
Mary Raap
Anya Rosen
Hyunjung Rhee
Anna Rotty
Rajab Sayed
Evan Sheldon
Wei Tan
Sarah West
Ken Wood


Spring 2017

Winter 2017