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Interview with Friend of the Artist

Kayo Albert: Movement and Landscape

The important thing for me is movement. When you work on this big size, you have to physically move around the surface. It feels like a dancer moving their body. When I start, I don't have any ideas. The movement evolves into something else like shapes and composition. I start from a place of calmness, and don't seek to express immediate emotions. 

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ty bishop
A Conversation with Joshua Reyes

A lot of what I'm doing today is about different approaches to mark making. It becomes all about tempo, rhythm, and composition. I think of my paintings more like songs. In a song, you can't play 1/8 notes the whole time. In some of my older paintings, I used a paint scraper and moved it across the canvas at different speeds. At a certain point, I step back and pause to look before I begin again.

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ty bishopDenton, TX