Summer 2017

The FOA Winter Release Expo showcases the work of ten emerging artists across continents. Ranging from Texas to England, oil paint to textiles, abstraction to representation, the artists selected for this expo are extremely varied. The different places they work from in the world only accentuates this. 

Friend of the Artist SUMMER Expo

Selected Works from Summer 2017

Spring 2017
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Check out their work below, and don't forget to pick up your copy of Summer 2017 which includes exclusive work and interviews. To see more from an individual artist, see their individual artist profile.

Top Artist: Caitlyn Wilson (Seattle, WA)

Publisher Prize: Michael Villarreal (Lincoln, NE)

Publisher Prize: Kevin Perkins (Dallas, TX)


Ashely Peifer, Winkel Park, 2017


Robert Sparks, Zoing, 2017

Robert Sparks, Zoing, 2017

Michael Villarreal, Yellow Broom, 2015

Cristopher Denard and Alexandra Hulsey, 1313 no. 2, 2016

Kevin Perkins, Follies, 2017

Taniai Sumire, Daughter with Daemonic Power XVII, 2017

Analise Minjarez, Si Your Sky, 2017

Caitlyn Wilson, With More To It, 2017


Samantha Keith, Out of Sound (Mind),2017

Samantha Keith, Out of Sound (Mind),2017

Liliana Zavaleta, Displaced 6, 2016