Volume 7

Volume 7


Format: Hardback
Size: 8 x 10 in.
Page count: 130
ISBN: 978-1-64440-551-2
Release date: October 13, 2018

About: Rarely is a contemporary artists work seen in print for what it is: art. Volume 7 is releasing in hardcover format, elevating the artwork that is presented. Art’s purpose is to make you think, feel, or become aware of. Volume 7 encourages this type of contemplation, featuring 23 artists from a variety of countries including the US, UK, Germany, and Australia  These artists work in a variety of mediums including collage, painting, photography and sculpture. In this volume, we particularly focus on the figure and how it can be seen throughout these mediums. Additionally there will be 3 interviews giving an in-depth look into the studio practices of Liam Fallon (Manchester, UK), Bradley Kerl (Houston, US), and Anna Park (Brooklyn, US). Volume 7 was juried by FOA staff and guest jurors Natasha Arselan, Morgan Everhart, and Matthew Calendar.

Artist Included:

Tania Alvarez
Kyle Bauer
Melissa Beck
Elliott Chambers
Emily Elhoffer
Dan Elborne
Katie Evans
Liam Fallon
Bradley Kerl
Bumin Kim
So Yoon Kim
William Lenard
Jacob Littlejohn
Catarina Mantero
Hanna Margetson-Rushmore
Bryan Meador
Vasilios Papaioannu
Anna Park
Jing Qin
Anna Riley
Marina Roca Die
Gala Sadurni
Madelyn Sneed-Grays (Cover Artist)

Guest Jurors

Natasha Arselan 

Natasha Arselan is the founder of AucArt which is the first online auction house to connect collectors with recent art school graduates. In addition, Natasha advises private clients, lectures, publicly speaks and curates independently. Natasha specialises in the early stages of the art market & art/artist management in which she holds an MA from Kings College London.  

M.P. Callender

M.P. Callender is the Vice President of Operations at the art consulting and appraisal firm Signet Art based in Dallas, Texas.  

His team works with private collectors, corporate clients, and museums to lend professional guidance for their art needs; whether appraising a collection, handling a donation, brokering items at auction, or art consulting for individual collectors. 

Callender is also a working artist based in Denton, Texas.  He has exhibited in both solo and group shows in Texas and Oklahoma. His non-objective paintings are held in several private and corporate collections.

Morgan Everhart

Morgan Everhart was born in Dallas, Texas, and studied at the University of North Texas and the LeRoy E. Hoffberger School of Painting at Maryland Institute College of Art, from which she received her MFA in 2016. She presently lives and works in Brooklyn.

She has recent interviews in A Skinned Knee Collective and A Woman's Thing. Currently, her work is on view at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts in New York and she has her first museum solo exhibition at Longwood Center for Visual Arts in Virginia opening January 2019. This year, Morgan’s work was published on Sheryl Saint Germain's book cover, "The Small Door of Your Death". In conjunction with her painting practice, she curates pop up exhibitions and collaborates with sound artists for multimedia projects. She has worked with The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Kimbell Art Museum, Dallas Contemporary, the Rachofsky Collection, artist James Siena, and Green Art Gallery in Dubai.