Volume 5 (Digital)

Volume 5 (Digital)

  • ISBN: 978-1-64204-226-9
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • 20 artist represented from the US & UK
  • Studio with James Zamora
  • Interview with Blake Sanders, Kristina Estell, and 

    Anatasia Komarova

Looking at the contemporary art world, it’s clear that there isn't one aesthetic That dominates over another. This changes depending on Which gallery You atttend, the current museum exhibition, or What art circle You find yourself in. This creates a strange paradigm where what is relevant is what is in front of you. Everything becomes relevant.  

Volume 5 shows this paradigm unfiltered and for what it is. We feature works by artists working in several mediums including painting, photography, installation, and printmaking. These artists represent the spirit of what’s being made today. We present some artists like Anastasia Komorva, who uses non-traditional material to create a performance piece at a beach in New York, alongside Kris Rehring who uses traditional painting techniques to the figure with strong geometric forms. Despite this contrast, none of the artists are seeking to coddle themselves in the comfortable or overly familiar. Instead, they are seeking to make something new by pushing boundaries of what is considered art while upholding a reverence for an art historical ideas. If anything, We are confronted with what it's like to be an artist today. 

We’re pleased to present these artists who are from the US and UK and are at different points of their career. We have also strived to intentionally include photography in this volume , which overall has been lacking in other volumes. Some are making an impact as university students in graduate or undergraduate programs while others are full time Professors and have shown extensively throughout the world. We avoid stating each artists qualifications, because they can be misleading. Instead, we rely on the integrity of the work Shown within this volume.

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