Volume 8

Volume 8


Format: Hardback
Size: 8 x 10 in.
Page count: 152* 
ISBN: 978-1-68454-081-5
Release date: February 9, 2019


About: Rarely is a contemporary artists work seen in print for what it is: art. Volume 8 is releasing in hardcover format, elevating the artwork that is presented. Art’s purpose is to make you think, feel, or become aware of. Volume 8 encourages this type of contemplation, featuring 25 artists from a variety of countries including the US, UK, and Germany. These artists work in a variety of mediums including collage, painting, photography and sculpture. In this volume, we particularly focus on the figure and how it might be seen throughout these mediums. Additionally there will be interviews giving an in-depth look into the studio practices of selected artists. Volume 8 was juried by the FOA staff and guest jurors Bethanie Irons, Martin Mayorga, Vanessa Murrell, and Taylor O. Thomas.


Artists Included:

Catherine Allen
Kim Bartelt
Andy Brown
Renee Brown
Jordan Buschur
Shawn Campbell
Louis Caulfield
Soojin Choi
temporary collective
Brian DePauli
Kristin Hough
Jessica Frances
Grégoire Lancaster
Katie Lane
Martin Lang
Gracelee Lawrence
Katherine Mann
Mychaelyn Michalec
Kate Sable
Elise Thompson
Amber Tutwiler
Yuta Uchida
Hanna Vogel
Tom Wixo
Jing (Ellen) Xu
Mengting Zhou 


Brian DePauli
Gracelee Lawrence
Katherine Mann
Mychaelyn Michalec
Elise Thompson

Cover Artist

Katherine Mann


Guest Jurors

Bethanie Irons

Bethanie Irons is an artist, educator, and curator. She earned her BFA in painting from the University of South Dakota and her MFA in painting from the University of Missouri. She is currently a PhD student in Art Education at the University of Missouri, with an emphasis in college teaching and teaching with technology.  Bethanie has shown her work internationally and has been featured in numerous print publications including New American Paintings. Since 2015, she has curated the online-only gallery PLEAT.

Martin Mayorga & Vanessa Murrell

Vanessa Murrell and Martin Mayorga are writers, curators, and art liaisons that specialise in emerging art. They are founders of DATEAGLE ART, an independent online platform that supports emerging art practices under a UK-based perspective in the form of interviews, studio visits, journal content, events, online and offline exhibitions. Vanessa and Martin have also recently set up DATEAGLE STUDIO, the first creative agency that offers services for contemporary art galleries and collectives that specifically work with emerging artists. The agency delivers from press to production services to cause an inspiring debate and a lasting impact within today’s art and culture.

Vanessa and Martin are the curators of the ‘Artpiq x DATEAGLE ART Prize’, a yearly award for exceptional early career artists. They have curated ’Prevent This Tragedy’, at Post_Institute, Brixton, an organic group show that responded to the future demolition of the gallery space; ‘Home Alone’, in a non-exhibition space, which exhibited nine emerging artists, each of whom examined our subjective experience of the domestic; ‘The PinkPanther Show’ at Gallery 46, London, an experimental group exhibition initially triggered by an Instagram story open call; and ‘Spread the Virus’ a collaborative curatorialexhibition spanning 12 months which invites 12 artists to produce digital works. They were commissioned by Glass Cloud Gallery to Chair ‘Art In The Public Realm: Creating Experiences’, a panel discussion at Camden People’s Theatre that introduced public facing projects. Vanessa has previously worked at Gagosian Gallery, Sotheby’s, and Annely Juda Fine Arts. Martin has previously worked at Frieze and Saatchi Gallery.

Taylor O Thomas

Taylor O. Thomas was born in Birmingham, Alabama and now lives and works as a visual artist in Tampa, Florida. Thomas’s abstract paintings and drawings have been exhibited in galleries and private collections in the United States, Italy, and China. In 2012, she graduated magna cum laude from Davidson College with a BA in Studio Art, and has since used painting as a means of investigating human tendencies, identity formation, and the interconnectedness between the body and mind.

Thomas views her works as physical iterations of the inner self, noting, “My layered gestures serve as indexical traces of my mental and emotional concerns. Mark making is my way of creating an interface between my personal narrative and the abstracted reinterpretations of that narrative that extend my story beyond myself. When confronting my works, viewers are given a chance to recognize and question their own relationships between the internal, the external, and the varying degrees of self-expression today.” Thomas recently received the University Graduate Fellowship from the University of South Florida, where she is currently earning her MFA degree. Her works are represented by Nomad Collective (Nashville, TN), Emily Friedman Fine Art (Los Angeles, CA), and Deli Grocery New York (New York, NY). 


*pending. actual page count may vary in final publication.